Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today we got plenty of sunshine, especially for November in Tbilisi. It was getting chilly and dark these days. I was so happy to be able to wear just a blazer. It was a same, usual day. I went to art academy + few exhibitions only it felt like a beautiful spring day!


     Liza. I loved how she matched all these colors. Doesn't she look stunning?



                    Tako as always looking stunning!

             Ana. I love how she matched this beautiful cardigan with sneakers.

I thought I would make a little street style section. I guess you can call it a street style, since people on this pictures are all my friends, whom I asked to pose for my blog. Don't they all look amazing??


  1. Love the first picture,you look super chic.Love your scarf and the way you use it.All the girls you posted have style too.Thanks for your comment in my blog, if you like it we can follow each other.Kisses from

  2. nice blog....followed...i hope u follow back../

  3. Thanks for your comment,I´m following you now in GFC.Thanks for following (can I ask where did you do it)See you soon. Kisses from

  4. you and your friends know fashion all right! :D you have a cool group there! :D For keeps! :D

    New follower here! :D Maybe you could visit my blog too? Thanks!

  5. Thanks guys it means a lot! Karin , here on blogger.

  6. everyone looks amazing. i love how you put your scarf with the jacket and how awesome are your studded oxfords. love it!!

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  7. WOw! You and your friends are stunning! Classy and chic at the same time :) I love the fact that you're an art student, coz I'm a frustrated artist! boo. Anyway, IT'LL BE LOVELY IF WE COULD FOLLOW EACH OTHER :)

    I am following you now via Google Friend Connect! visit my blog :)