Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My art

Since I'm an art student I thought you guys would be interested in what I create.The first one, Portrait of an old man  is made in oil paints, Second one, A street of Sienna is egg tempera, the following two are quick sketches made in oil pastels, Then a portrait of my friend Salome done in oil paints, pencil drawing of the portrait of Van Dyke and at last a still life painted in watercolors.I wanted to show you guys one painting in every technique I use. I mostly paint in oil paintings but I love oil pastels and pencil drawing too. Depends on  the mood I am, usually if i feel too lazy I grab a paper and pastels. Sometimes I feel like it's time to create something more important than just sketches. After all this is my profession and I feel blessed that I can have the life I always dreamed of :laid back and full of creativity!!! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

 I have this annoying habit of making weird faces while being shot.

What I wore today: Sisley pants, forever 21 jacket, mandarini shoulder bag, vintage shirt.

Not so lazy sunday today. First we went to a basketball match, later saw Rike park and new bridge, in the old part of Tbilisi. I was very impressed by the way. Here are some pictures:

What do you guys think about it? (this pictures don't belong to me, except the last two of them, which were taken by my friend Angela during her visit in Tbilisi))